Waterfowl, Birds of Prey and

Songbirds by Judy Schrader

I have painted many different song birds, birds of prey and waterfowl.  To view larger images of the paintings, click on the image or the link below the image. 

Soaking in the Sun

Family Feud

Willys and Wings, Weary but Worthy SOLD


The Gossip ~Rusty Crow and Ravens

Where's Dinner ~ Blue Jays

A Watchful Eye ~ Ospreys

Ruddy Ducks Red Bellied Woodpecker Atlantic Puffins


I Once Was Ugly Too SOLD The Surrogate Ackley Swamp, Warren County, PA

Ripe for the Picken ~ Cedar Waxwings

Red-Tailed Hawk and Gray Squirrel All in the Family ~ Mourning Doves


Screech Owl in Old Tree

Night Owl ~ Screech Owl

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