Miniature Paintings - Minis

by Judy Schrader

Miniature paintings are very time consuming, even though they are very small. Miniature paintings are very popular world wide.

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First Love Is Sweet Draft Horse  SOLD United We Stand 
  I Once Was Ugly Too SOLD  

Do you know what a Miniature Is?

There are " miniature paintings" and there are "small paintings". A true miniature painting must comply with specific rules.

  • The subject must be 1/6th life size or smaller. IE: A blue jay is 11- 12 1/2 long so if you paint him he should be at most 2.08 inches long.

  • The paintings must be small, no larger than 25 inches square.

  • The detail in a miniature's must show up under magnification.

Details and realism are very important in miniatures.


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