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My most recent paintings and news.


Blowing in the Wind An original oil painting of a beautiful registered Paint. This is an original  miniature oil painting of a horse. Size 3.5 x 5 inches.


Riptide, a Chincoteague Wild Pony  An Original oil painting of the wild Chincoteague Ponies that live on Aussateague Island. These beautiful wild ponies run free on the island. The main horse in this painting is Riptide, son of Surfer Dude. Surfer Dude was a very popular stallion in his day.  Size 12 x 16 inches.



The Surrogate  is a miniature oil painting of a kitten that is very curious of an old rusty shovel crow. Size 4 x 4 inches.


Out on a Limb  An original oil painting of a curious cat climbing his way out on the outer branches.

Inquisitive Cub  An original oil painting of a black bear cub peeking around an old tree trunk at a squirrel.

Artist Profile #1 ~ Judy This is a video that my cousin Jeffrey Young made of me and my paintings. Jeffrey loves photography and making videos and you can see more of his videos on Jeffrey Young at Vimeo.com 


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