Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art

by Judy Schrader

Wildlife paintings on this page are for sale. Click on the images below to see a larger version.

I see You Looking at Me Looking at You

Hidden Treasures

Brotherly Love

Wildlife Painting of a black bear cub by Judy Schader Wildlife Art, painting of a little whitetail doe by Judy Schrader Wildlife Art, Painting of American River Otters by Judy Schrader

Black Bear Cub SOLD

Little Doe

North American River Otters

Nature Art, painting of two raccoons by Judy Schrader

 Nature Painting of gray squirrels and trilliums by Judy Schrader  Wildlife Painting of a chipmunk by Judy Schrader
Watchin' for Mama

Spring Break

Blending In

Nature painting of buffalo at yellowstone by Judy Schrader  

Wildlife Painting of Raccoons by Judy Schrader
The Grazers   Raccoons SOLD Sizing Up, Elk In GunnisonSOLD
Wildlife Painting of Black bear and Cubs by Judy Schrader Wildlife Painting of Black bear and Cubs by Judy Schrader
Hey Mama, Me Next SOLD Into the Shadows SOLD Hey Mama, Me Next SOLD

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