Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art

by Judy Schrader

Wildlife paintings on this page are for sale. Many are also available as Archival LE Prints.

Click on the images below to see a larger version.

Wildlife Painting of a black bear cub by Judy Schader Nature Art, painting of two raccoons by Judy Schrader Wildlife Art, painting of a little whitetail doe by Judy Schrader

Black Bear Cub

Watchin' for Mama

Little Doe

Nature Painting of a hunter and wild turkey by Judy Schrader  Nature Painting of gray squirrels and trilliums by Judy Schrader Wildlife Art, Painting of American River Otters by Judy Schrader

I Didn't See a Thing

Spring Break

North American River Otters

 Wildlife Painting of a chipmunk by Judy Schrader Nature painting of buffalo at yellowstone by Judy Schrader Nature art, Painting of a red tailed hawk and gray squirrel by Judy Schrader
Blending In

The Grazers 

Perilous Encounter

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