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Wildlife Artist

Nature Artist  - The Studio of Nature-Artists with Pet Portraits, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Wildlife and Flower Paintings.
Bruce W. Krucke - does artwork of African wildlife, birds, dogs, and Charleston scenes in watercolor and pen and ink.
Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen - Wildlife Artist
Carolyn W. Mitchell - Wildlife Artist from Alabama
Catherine McClung - Bird Art, Wildlife Artist
Cindy Lewis and Mark Holland  - Bird and Floral Carvings
David Miller - Specializing in oil paintings and prints of game, coarse and saltwater fish underwater
David R Holland    - Portraiture, Still life, Wild Life in classical realist tradition in oil.
Debra Standeford-Trent - Wildlife and Nature Artist
Dee Dee Murry - Wildlife Artist    In Jessie's Garden-Dog Art
Dick van Heerde -  Wildlife Art, Oil paintings of African Wildlife.
E. Cerbey - Wildlife art and dog portraits in watercolor or pen and ink http://waterart.50webs.com/
Elizabeth Rieke Hefley  Original wildlife paintings focusing on endangered and extinct animals, amphibians and insects and their habitats. We also feature creative clay creations.
Francis Sweet -  He creates exceptional works of wildlife art in oil and scratchboard.
Janet Heaton "Wildlife Paintings" - Paintings of Birds and Mammals of Africa and North America.
Judith Hartke - The wildlife and animal art of Judy Hartke
Lesley Ann Hartman   - Arabian horses, Wildlife, Pets and Portraits.  Daler- Rowney Demonstrator.
Linda Besse  - Wildlife Artist, exploring the artistry of nature
Linda Rossin - Specialist in birds, mammals, landscapes and miniatures of North America and East Africa.
Martiena Richter - Wildlife Art, Scratchboard Engravings
Pip McGarry - Wildlife Artist, painting big cats and other wildlife art.
Ria Winters - Wildlife and Landscape Artist
Seerey Lester - The Wildlife Art of John & Suzie Seerey-Lester
Sherry K Langford-Stansbery - Her main goal is to express the beauty of wildlife in the most exacting images from the nature which surrounds her
Steve Oliver - Award Winning Wildlife and Nature Art
Susan Bankey Yoder - Wildlife Artist
Wes & Rachelle Siegrist - Specializing in Miniature Wildlife and Landscape Paintings.
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Judy Schrader -  Wildlife Paintings, Wildlife Art, Nature Art, Domestic Animals and Country Scenes by Judy Schrader.


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